The course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the sound pattern of English.  Both segmental and suprasegmental aspects of the language will be explored and several of the main concepts of phonetics and phonology will be discussed in relation to English. The course will begin with the examination of the articulation of English consonants and vowels. A discussion of phonemically distinct segments vs. allophonic variants will be made and the relevant IPA symbols/diacritics used in transcription will be introduced. The course will then proceed to a description of syllable structure and weight as well as English stress, intonation and rhythm. Major connected speech processes will also be discussed including assimilation, deletion, insertion, and reduction. Aspects of the phonetics and phonology of several varieties of English will be presented and students will have the opportunity to have extensive practice in phonetic transcription throughout the course.

Course textbook: Roach, P. (2010) English Phonetics and Phonology. Cambridge: CUP.

Chapters: 1-12, 14-19.